What’s the “Pédagogie de chantier” ?

In the framework of Europe 2020 growth strategy, the European Union aims at reaching, by the year 2020, ambitious goals related to employment, innovation, education and social inclusion.

To meet these goals, the project is targeted to trainers and policymakers. It aims at training to “learning by doing” pedagogy that is to say an articulation between “teaching” and “results” areas that can be divided into devices related to vocational training or integration through economic activity. The aim is to enable young adults excluded permanently from labor market to find not only a job, but also a social reintegration.

In fact, each year many European young adults having “dropped out” of school end without any professional perspectives. This “learning by doing” pedagogy is a true alternative to dropping out of school by young adults and offers great opportunity to start tailored integration career.

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Université de Bologna
Etudes et chantiers Corsica
Etudes et chantiers central


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.